China Daily Asia Weekly - 2 Mar 2012

Table of content - China Daily Asia Weekly (2 Mar 2012)

Building bridges of friendship,
Australia, NZ cash in on Asia,
Sweeping the Himalayas,
Japan retail sales get boost
News briefs
Militant Bashir to serve 15 years
M’sians rally against rare earths
Indonesia to grow Shariah banking
Singapore third richest: Forbes
Olympus names new board
Gillard stays head of Labor
Working together
Seeking green energy
Cooking for health
Boost for healthcare
Greater soft power
Increasing risks
The new dream destinations
Building bridges of friendship
Sweeping the Himalayas
Litany of scams tarnishes image
Travel: Direct flights fuel outbound market
Govt aims to improve taxi drivers’ rights
New ship to boost Arctic expeditions
Restoration in Sichuan almost completed
Property policy hot topic at key meets
Farmlands to be listed by pollution levels
More help for poor vocational students
More risks for overseas workers
A shot in the arm for hospitals
Private facilities the future for medicine
Foreign investors can help
More soft power needed
Time for second industrialization
New vision for reforms
Consumption to lead development
Relaxed credit creates little impact on housing
Australia, NZ cash in on Asia
Swimming with sharks
$384 million
$3.5 billion
Philippines to splurge on tourism infrastructure
Swimming with sharks
Global way alone can resolve EU carbon feud
Slowly learning to work together
Green living needs a new model
Airport terminal trends for Australian election
AmCham plans to invest more
Video-shopping site launch
Housewives spend more
Solar market to expand
Cheaper jet biofuel needed
Exporters urged to trade in yuan
Renewable energy riding high
Nation on the path to efficient use of energy
Tailor-made clothes gaining popularity
Business lawsuits see sharp increase
Time seasons Chinese cuisine
To bee, or not to bee
Wooing the wealthy tourist

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